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Here we have the new Mares Dragon SLS BCD, this new BCD from Mares has been redesigned for this year, it now includes the latest SLS slide and lock weight system which makes it easier and quicker to remove and re-insert your weight pockets.

SLS: A new level of safety and ease of use:

Mares introduces a new integrated weight system for BCs. The system appears for the first time on the new Quantum BC, and is the result of years of studies towards a safer and more user-friendly weight system.

A weight system has to perform only two tasks, but flawlessly: On the one side, accidental release of a weight pouch has to be avoided. On the other, in case of an emergency, the diver must be able to ditch the weight pouches in a simple and intuitive way, even when stressed and panicking.

In addition to these two key aspects, it certainly doesn’t hurt if the system is simple to use, gives clear feedback on whether it is engaged or not, doesn’t wobble on the jacket, has enough capacity for the intended use and maybe even allows you to personalize the pouches.


  • New SLS slide and lock weight pocket system
  • Very comfortable and stable
  • Solid and durable construction
  • The bladder "slides" on the shoulders when inflated for comfort
  • V high-lift with dragon wings
  • Intelligent Pointing of Trim Weight pockets
  • New larger 50mm D-ring loops
  •  Large, high-capacity pockets, with expandable panels
  • Adjustable belt
  • Can be used with single or twin cylinders