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Innovation in the travel BC

• Great buoyancy lift

• Quick-Pak system

• Plush lined padded neoprene collar

In today’s world of travel we are strictly confined by airline weight restrictions and the need to limit luggage dimensions. Thanks to the Quick-Pak system, Icon is the ideal BC for traveling, satisfying all divers’ needs: high lift, comfort padded backpack, metal D-rings, MRS, dual position adjustable chest strap and one roll up zippered pocket.

Innovation in compacting and transporting the BC. With a few quick moves, you can compact your BC to its minimum dimensions (45x30x30cm). Once closed, the BC will be better protected and can be easily stored in a closet or transported in a small travel backpack.

MRS Plus represents the evolution of MRS (Mechanical Release System), the first ballast with a mechanical release system introduced on the market: reliable, simple and easy to use. It introduces a newly designed closure system, with which a simple click is all you need to ensure easy and secure storage of the weight pockets inside the special housings in the BC. Shaped pockets to form to your waist. A single outward pull is all you need to release your weights. The oversized release handle is easy to grasp and use, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The large opening of the zippered weight pocket makes it easier to insert the ballast. The maximum load per pocket is 6kg/13lbs for most sizes. The Velcro interior is ideal for dividing the pocket into multiple sections if you dont use its full capacity.

Compartment for use of fixed weights

Compartment for using fixed weights. Rear non-releasable weights holding 2.5k/5.5lbs per pocket, secured with quick release buckles.

Those who dive frequently and in difficult conditions need products featuring superior quality and consistent performance, time and time again. Mares has always focused on new technologies and innovative products that lead to concrete benefits: superior reliability and performance will be appreciated by the most experienced demanding divers.

Designing and engineering products for cold water diving requires maximum attention to performance, safety and technical details. Mares creates equipment specific for cold water and ice diving. Rigorous tests ensure top notch performance keeping you comfortable, warm and secure. Even the US Navy has conceded Mares to be the best equipment for extreme conditions.

Comfort is always one of the primary design elements in Mares equipment. Mares through superior technology continues to research, innovate and upgrade your level of comfort before and during your dive. Equipment marked with Max Comfort bring this quality of comfort to the most up-to-date premier pinnacle.