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This new AmScuD Trufit ultra-soft skirt has been technically-developed to not only fit any-and-every face shape, but also incorporates a unique-rigidity allowing perfect seal and comfort. Rather than consisting of two separate materials, the Trufit skirt has been achieved using two different thicknesses of the same high quality silicone in one skirt, assuring total comfort and sophisticated simplicity. The silicone is thicker and firmer, with a matt finish near the mask frame, providing needed support and rigidity. The silicone contouring the face is thinner, giving a softer-feeling, for a truly unique fit and seal. Trufit technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture.

As with all AmScuD products the Trufit skirt has been tested by demanding divers and improved upon before ever hitting the market. The CONSEAL Twin Mask is constructed using a new generation Trufit skirt, although first generation Trufit with unique-ribbing and softness can be found on certain Spectra and Volta Models. Try a Trufit mask, and feel the difference. An excellent mask is essential to premium diving adventures. Trufit makes you feel one with your environment, one with your element: water.

The AmScuD CONSEAL Trufit Twin Mask has all the other features you expect on a high quality dive mask. The mask has a double feathered edge skirt and a wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combine to create a perfect seal on the face. The dual tempered glass lens design allows for maximum underwater vision and the intake of light. Mask is equipped with an easy-to-reach one-hand nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves.

The Mask is equipped with easy to adjust swivel buckle system. Its low profile low volume personality means clearing the mask is an effortless task. Because the Trufit mask has two lenses, you'll be able to clearly and easily see more of what surrounds you. The lenses of the mask are made from an ultra-clear mirrored glass. Standard glass has a green tint. The green tint you see is the result of iron impurities left over in lower quality float" or window type glass. That green tint distorts true colors and blocks out some of the light that reaches the eye.

Ultra-Clear is a new and exciting optical quality tempered glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission, with no color distortion. The exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion in the ultra-clear lens maximizes the light available for improved visual acuity, especially underwater in low light conditions, Better vision, truer colors is what you get with AmScuD's Ultra-Clear Lenses. The mirrored lenses also provide protection against glare when on the surface making this one great visual experience for the new to the most experienced divers. 


AmScuD CONSEAL Mask Mirrored Lens Black/Silver Features

  • AmScuD CONSEAL Trufit Twin Mirrored Lens Mask
  • Trufit Ultra-Soft Skirt Technically-Developed to Fit Any-and-Every Face Shape
  • Unique-Rigidity Allows Perfect Seal and Comfort
  • Two-Different Thicknesses:
    Thicker & Firmer, w/Matt-Finish Near Mask Frame: Provides Needed Support & Rigidity
    Silicone Contouring Face, Thinner Giving Softer-Feeling, for Truly-Unique Fit& Seal
  • NEW Generation Trufit Skirt:
    High Quality Silicone Skirt
    Total-Comfort and Sophisticated Simplicity
    Unique Ribbing Texture
  • Tested-by-Demanding Divers: Improved-Upon Before-Ever Hitting-the-Market
  • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Skirt
  • Wide Split Style Silicone Rubber Mask Strap
  • Feathered Edge and Strap Combined for Perfect Seal on Face
  • Dual Tempered Mirrored Glass Lens Design
  • Maximum Underwater Vision and Intake of Light
  • Mirrored Lenses:
    Provide Protection from Glare on Surface
    Great Visual Experience for New to Most-Experienced Divers
    Better Vision, Truer Colors
  • Ultra-Clear Glass Lenses:
    Standard Glass has Green Tint from Iron Impurities
    Green Tint Distorts True Colors and Blocks-Out Light Reaching the Eye
    Optical Quality Tempered Glass, Exceptional Clarity and High Light Transmission
    No Color Distortion
    Maximizes Light Available for Improved Visual Acuity
  • Easy to Adjust Swivel Buckle System
  • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Try Trufit Mask, and Feel-the-Difference
  • Feel-One-with-Your Environment, One-with-Your Element: Water

Simple yet functional "J" snorkel is made entirely out of floating medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (T. P. E.), rubber material. The design is lightweight and low-profile and valued priced for the budget minded dive enthusiast. The snorkels contoured flex barrel tube and comfortable T. E. P. mouthpiece fit to the diver's face and is comfortable in the mouth. The AmScuD CONSEAL Free Diving J-Style Snorkel is a great snorkel design for the free diver. Snorkel comes equipped with an easy-to-use quick-disconnect snorkel keeper, and is all black in color.

AmScuD CONSEAL Free Diving J-Style Snorkel, All Black Features

  • AmScuD CONSEAL Free Diving J-Style Snorkel:
  • Simple, Functional "J" Style Snorkel
  • Material: Floating Medical-Grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (T. P. E.), Rubber
  • Lightweight and Low Profile
  • Valued Priced for Budget Minded Dive Enthusiast
  • Contoured Flex Barrel Tube
  • Comfortable T. PE. E. Mouthpiece
  • Snorkel Fit to Divers Face and is Comfortable in Mouth
  • Easy-to-Use Quick-Disconnect Snorkel Keeper