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This specialized tool connects in-line between the 2nd stage regulator and the LP hose, allowing adjustments while the hose is pressurized. Using the included pressure gauge the intermediate pressure (IP) of the first..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
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High Energy & Continuous Voltage Supply Long Shelf Life Ideal Temperature Resistance Superior Storage Capacity Sony Engineering, Quality and Technology ..
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To download the logbook of a Dive Computer using the Bluetooth Low Energy technology Requires the MySSI app (Android, iOS) Supports Smart, Smart Apnea, Puck Pro, Quad and Quad Air computers Code..
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The MARES ICON HD NET READY dive computer has also been upgraded with a 100 hour memory capacity. There has been a complete screen re-design and layout. Features of the Mares Icon Hd Net Ready Black Edition:..
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Matrix Another step into the future • Full dot matrix display • Upgradeable software • PC interface included A full-dot matrix high resolution display, tilt- compensated digital compass with bearing ..
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Puck Pro Everything you need, nothing you don’t • SLIM DESIGN FOR A PERFECT FIT • LARGE DISPLAY FOR SUPERIOR READABILITY • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE When Mares introduced the Puck dive computer on ..
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The Mares Quad Dive Computer is a large screen wrist mounted dive computer with a simple user interface and large digit screen so you can read all of your dive information easily even in poor visibility. The large scr..
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Smart •SUPER SHARP AND CLEAR DISPLAY•PERFECT ERGONOMICS AND USERFRIENDLINESS •ALL ROUNDER CAPABLE OF MULTIGAS ANDFREE DIVING Quintessential: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or cla..
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The Mares Smart Apnea (Free-Dive) Wrist Computer is an astounding new wrist computer for the most advanced free divers and spear fishermen. The Smart Apnea does not contain Scuba diving algorithms and is designed for ..
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Unique SPG with integrated attachment clip Includes stainless steel shackle bolt snap (HL911) Full-size and robust quality pressure gauge Nickel plated brass housing Tempered glass lens Ready to mou..
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Mission Digital Chrono - Digital chronograph with back light - Water resistant 20atm/293psi or 200m/660ft - High-quality Swiss quartz movement - Daily alarm and hourly time signal - Countdown timer - Dig..
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Mission Pro - Water resistant 20atm/293psi or 200m/660ft - High quality Swiss quartz movement - Flourescent digits - Silicone strap - Stainless steel case ..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
The Mares Quad Air Dive Computer's LED Tank Module is mounted onto an HP port of the first stage regulator, and its main function is to transmit tank pressure data via hose-less coded RF protocol to the dive computer ..
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Details for Mares Interface Drak Mares Interface Drak: Ultra-compact USB interface. Illuminated information provides immediate indications about the status of the interface. Transferri..
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Bright, white face - easy to read  Ready to mount directly to a HP port of first stage  Ready to mount directly to a HP hose  Inline adapter and airspool included  A..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
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