(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
The protection circuit is built in the anode with a  steel hat by riveting process. So the ARB-L14-800 can  be fully covered with steel shell and eliminate potential  risk of short circuit caused by col..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
Fenix-ARB-L18-2600 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with Protection Circuit Fenix has launched another variation of the 18650 battery - the ARB-L18-2600. This lithium-ion rechargeable cel..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
Rp 188,000 Rp 141,000
The Fenix ARE-X1 as a single channel smart charger dedicated for 18650 and 26650 battery, features Micro USB battery charging, USB battery discharging, and LED charging/discharging indicator, battery power detection i..
Rp 968,000 Rp 499,000
NOTE: NOT FOR DIVING !!   BT10 2016 version is a newly updated version of the previous generation of BT10. BT10 2016 version is a professional bike light which employs Dual Distance Beam System. It featur..
Rp 372,000 Rp 279,000
NOTE: NOT FOR DIVING !!     Fenix CL05 Liplight Tri-Colored Flashlight Emergency Lamp Keeps You Safe Need a way to make yours..
Rp 472,000 Rp 354,000
NOTE: NOT FOR DIVING !!   The Fenix HL10 headlamp is both reliable and versatile in functionality. Powered by one AAA battery, this extremely lightweight headlamp delivers a maximum output of 70 lumens. T..
Rp 1,700,000 Rp 1,450,000
Fenix SD11 Dive Photography Flashlight Lifelike Photography at Depth The SD11 combines a hybrid neutral white/red LED system with crucial features to make a purpose-driven..
Rp 1,800,000 Rp 1,672,000
SD20 Dive Light Deep Water Illumination Submersible up to 100 Meters For the ultimate underwater exploration, the Fenix SD20 Dive Light is the perfect compa..
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