Rp 2,950,000
Excel + In the great Mares tradition, the evolution continues • Longer foot pocket. More comfort, same great performance • Elastic OPB. Maximum efficiency, minimum effort • Tri-material technology and ABS..
Rp 470,000
An Excellent and Good Choice Fin for Rental * Ergonomic designed full foot pocket offers incredible comfort without boots * Vibrant colors with super durable fin blade * Broad sizes from kids..
Rp 1,200,000
Product Description Contemporary Designed Open Heel Fin in AmScuD Line The Carp Fin is a precision blend of ergonomics, hydrodynamics and materials technology created for ultimate comfort, efficiency and perfo..
Rp 1,200,000
Product Description Classic Designed With Modern Approach and Adaptable UOW Channel AmScuD introduces the Squid Open Heel Fin. This Lightweight and Durable Bladed Fin with an Optimized Blade Length to Width is..
Rp 1,200,000
DETIL PAKET/PRODUK The AmScuD Viper (OH) is the perfect combination of Comfort, Power and Efficiency in one Fin. All these go along with a compact and lightweight blade Length of 14.6" (37cm). This make..
Rp 220,000
Abs Plus Buckles The most user-friendly buckle system on the market. It can be mounted on any Mares open heel fin. ..
Rp 1,600,000
Avanti Excel The highest level of performance in all diving conditions • Whale tail design, great power transmission • Anatomical foot pocket • Tri-material for maximum performance Following several ..
Rp 1,200,000
The Avanti HP, Mares design is inspired by marine mammals (Whale Tale Power) Surprisingly lightweight so ideal for packing and traveling A higher spec finish than a basic full foot fin and still representing super..
Rp 2,450,000
Avanti Quattro Power The ultimate Channel Thrust fin for speed, power and fun in the water • Ideal for both scuba and apnea • Channel Thrust technology for optimum performance • Rubberized side ribs ..
Rp 1,500,000
Avanti Superchannel FF The perfect blend of power and efficiency • Three channels for the Superchannel effect • Manufactured in Tecralene® for superior performance • Orthopedic foot pocket Due to the..
Rp 1,300,000
Avanti Tre Lightweight, efficient and a great value • Orthopedic foot pocket • Rugged, durable construction • Good thrust in an economical fin Avanti Tre fins features a soft anatomical foot pocket a..
Rp 690,000
Product Description Ideal for warm water Foot pocket is molded for maximum comfort Channel Thrust Technology system for optimal water channeling Maintaining optimal thrust throughout every ph..
Rp 690,000
Fluida New closed heel fin featuring a light OPB system for easy kick and a soft footpacket ensuring comfort. Durable fin ideal for snorkeling rental. soft foot pocket Light optimised ..
Rp 2,850,000
Razor Pro The innovative Razor fins deliver the best performance among all technopolymer fins currently on the market. They are a benchmark for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.   Produc..
Rp 1,400,000
Wave FF Comfort and performance • Vibrant range of colors • Tri-material construction • Channel Thrust Technology The overall design of the Wave FF fins is strongly influenced by the development of t..
Rp 2,750,000
Avanti Quattro + Restyling of a legend, comes equipped with the patented Mares bungee strap • Increased efficiency with the use of new hi-flex material • Four channels - four times the thrusting power • B..
Rp 2,350,000
Avanti Superchannel OH The latest evolution in Channel Thrust technology • Rugged and durable contruction • Anatomical open heel foot pocket • ABS Plus buckles The Avanti Superchannel fins is designe..
Rp 1,900,000
Avanti X3 Lightweight, efficient and economical • Anatomical open heel foot pocket • Rugged, durable construction • Good thrust in an economical fin Avanti Tre features a soft anatomical foot pocket,..
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Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust Enhanced channel thrust Optimized for low fatigue Color coordinated bungee strap Code: 410025 ..
Rp 3,250,000
Power Plana The Mares tech fin: • Made of high-quality natural rubber • Bungee strap • Full shape foot pocket The Power Plana fins is the ideal fin for the tech diver. Made of nearly indestructible n..
Rp 880,000
Mares Volo One Fin   The Mares Volo One Fin are a open heel snorkeling fin that are designed to be worn with bare feet. This super soft Siliocne foot pocket is extremely comfortable to wear and ca..
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