Rp 3,765,000
Marine binocular with 7x magnification and 50mm objective lens Nitrogen-purged to ensure reliable waterproof/fogproof performance Ba..
Rp 2,930,000
We suggest you keep them on board, but made our Marine™ series binoculars buoyant, waterproof and corrosion resistant, so a little dunking won’t deep-six your day. You’ll appreciate the ultra-bright, crisp views g..
Rp 3,860,000
BUDDY-WATCHER The water is clear, the view seemingly endless.  Suddenly a silhouette approaches out of the distance.  What starts off as only a dark outline quickly turns out to be a school of barra..
(0361) 710 990 (Land Line) or 0878 61050 111 (SMS/WA)
The TAC-100 Underwater Navigation Board is the original navigation platform used by professional divers around the world. Internal lubber-lines keep the diver on course. A built-in adjustable chem-light holder on ..
Rp 2,100,000
Frequency Range   Tx   Rx   156.025–157.425 MHz 156.050–163.275 MHz Usable channels INT, USA, CAN, WX channels ..
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