Rp 960,000 Rp 720,000
This new AmScuD Trufit ultra-soft skirt has been technically-developed to not only fit any-and-every face shape, but also incorporates a unique-rigidity allowing perfect seal and comfort. Rather than consisting of two..
Rp 880,000 Rp 660,000
MASK AMSCUD DASH The DASH delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Modeled with AmScuD's "Micromask Technology", its innovative, patented structure positions the lenses close to the eyes. This signi..
Rp 880,000 Rp 660,000
MASK AMSCUD ENTITY When you learned how to dive your instructor told you the most important part of choosing equipment was comfort and fit. When looking for a mask you also need a great field of vision well this m..
Rp 799,600
MASK FORTEC The FORTEC Mask is often the first choice of many divers offering comfort and features to suit most faces and diving styles. The FORTEC blends high performance with high fashion. The tempered glass len..
Rp 780,000
MASK AMSCUD GOBY Get 30% wider vertial view! See more with our brand-new Goby mask. Created based on best-selling mask, we even further improved your convinience and wider-size-view. We have never been this excite..
Rp 1,250,000 Rp 937,500
MASK AMSCUD HUNTER The bestselling mask in the history of AmScuD. The anatomic skirt provides an extraordinary capacity to adapt to various faces, and its size makes it the perfect all-purpose mask. The AmScuD HU..
Rp 880,000 Rp 660,000
Do you really have to give up your sense of style when buying scuba gear? The people at AmScuD don't think so! That's why they designed the new MARVEL Mask. This low-profile, high comfort mask is available is multiple..
Rp 920,000
Product Description         ..
Rp 960,000 Rp 720,000
MASK AMSCUD SKILL The AmScuD SKILL is a low volume mask that provides an extraordinary field of vision. With its reversed teardrop angled dual lenses, the diver's vertical vision is immensely improved with an expa..
Rp 1,500,000
What's in the bag: AmScuD Pirate Mask Black The AmScuD Pirate Light and Compact Two Window Tempered Glass Design create a Low Volume Mask. Mask ini juga di rancang dengan material super ringan dan kuat, serta baha..
Rp 960,000
MASK X-FLEX A X-FLEX favorite, the Frameless II Mask features a comfortable low profile lightweight frameless mask design. The Frameless  Mask has a 100% silicone rubber double feathered edge skirt and a wide..
Rp 666,000
Rp 895,000
Deskripsi :   Paket Snorkeling set Marea (MARES) Masker bahan Silicone Snorkel bahan Silicone Color : Clear-Blue,Clear-Yellow, Clear-Pink, Black-White ..
Rp 1,600,000
Mares Tana Mask and Dual Snorkel Set Mares Tana Mask and Dual Snorkel Set, part of the Mares Pure Instinct range of freediving gear, featuring the Mares Tana Mask and Mares Dual Snorkel. The Mares Tana Mask fo..
Rp 999,500
Mask Frameless silicone mask Ultra comfortable skirt Buckles with soft silicone buttons Snorkel Ergonomic structure Sliding snorkel holder Silicone mouthpiece and corr..
Rp 895,000
Set Mares Wahoo: The top-seller for years, the famous X-Vision design in a snorkeling version combined with the new snorkel Fiji. Available in Hybridpack, mesh-bag or clamshell. Great value for money. ..
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