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Fifty years of experience developing pneumatic spear guns lead Mares to introduce the Cyrano Evo HF. This innovation represents an enormous improvement in the evolution of pneumatic spear guns. Speed, precision, power, maneuverability, and ease of use, make the Cyrano Evo HF the pneumatic spear gun of choice for every spear fisherman. Gun is equipped with a new preformed handle with concave surface for the thumb and high-function grip. Distance between trigger and handle can be adjusted to personal ergonomics. The side line release is in the upper position. Connecting piston between the trigger, 1.5mm release cog, and release mechanism have been modified for greater sensitivity and soft touch. Greatly reduced cone, steel inserted line guide and new side mounted pin for shooting line.

The Cyrano Evo HF Gun has an easier-to-insert load adjuster with a 230% larger cross section of the opening. Gun comes equipped with a 7mm Tahitian Shaft Race and included Vertical Spiro Reel 65 on Cyrano Evo HF 90 and 100, Vertical Spiro Reel 87 on Cyrano Evo HF 110 and 120. Thanks to the tapered section of the outer barrel made with hydro-forming technology the Cyrano Evo HF is the first spear gun to increase air volume by 20%. The shape of the outer barrel ensures better buoyancy and tracking with excellent stability when firing. The raised sight and 11mm internal barrel, has been shifted upward off-axis, guarantee natural instinctive aiming. The Cyrano EVO also includes a storage bag, manual injector and owner's manual.

Mares Cyrano Evo HF Spear Gun Features

  • Mares Cyrano Evo HF Spear Gun:
  • Represents Enormous Improvement in Evolution of Pneumatic Spear Guns
  • Speed, Precision, Power, Maneuverability & Ease-of-Use
  • Choice for Every Spear Fisherman
  • 11mm Internal Barrel:
    Piston Slides, with a Reduced Diameter
    Makes Weapon Very Easy to Load
    Propels Shaft at Higher Speed
    Provides Superior Power and Accuracy
  • New Preformed Handle: Concave Surface for Thumb & High-Function Grip
  • Distance Between Trigger/Handle Adjustable to Personal Ergonomics
  • Release Mechanism Modified for Greater Sensitivity and Soft Touch
  • Built for Superior Accuracy
  • Exceeds All Other Products on the Market
  • Reel:
    Must for Large Fish
    Adds Safety to Spear Fishing
    Prevents Lose of Gun
    Durable Non-Corrosive Reinforced Polymers
    Rugged and Reliable
  • Smaller Cone with Steel Cord Sheath, and Side Line Sheath Pin
  • New Piston EVO and 7mm Threaded Shaft Tip Included
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Storage Bag, Manual Injector
  • Owner's Manual