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This specialized tool connects in-line between the 2nd stage regulator and the LP hose, allowing adjustments while the hose is pressurized. Using the included pressure gauge the intermediate pressure (IP) of the first..
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• anti fog and lens cleaner • Manufactured in accordance with the latest regulations • 60 ml ..
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Having a well-stocked Save-A-Dive Kit is important, but if you've got to dig in it to find the wrench or tool you need when either standing on a rolling deck, or on a steaming hot beach it can be stressful. One-Tool- ..
Rp 240,000
Handy zip fastening pouch containing: knife, 2 adjustable spanners, multi-driver with optional heads, allen keys, pliers, O-ring pick & tie wraps. Essential tools that could help should a fast on site repair or ad..
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Product Description Maxtec is pleased to introduce The UltraMaxO2 oxygen analyzer. The UltraMaxO2 was designed for fast and easy verification of oxygen concentration, flow and outlet pressure o..
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Handi+ The Handi+ oxygen analyzer is great for spot-checking O2 percentages in hospitals, clinics, and home care environments. To better meet your oxygen analysis needs, Maxtec has improved the Handi+ O2..
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  Scuba Wrench Set Three combination wrench set 1/2" by 7/16", 5/8" by 1/2" and 11/16" by 9/16" Fit for most common regulator hoses Stainless steel construction ..
Rp 399,000
Star Tool - Stainless Steel Remove and replace the most common scuba hoses 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" & 11/16" wrenches Most common hex wrenches 5/32", 3/16" & 1/4" Valve handwheel ..
Rp 1,000,000
Tank Muffler Drain it quiet Drain it slow Drain it safe Attach to DIN or Yoke Style valves Exhaust holes on opposite side of XS Scuba logo All brass construction ..
Rp 150,000
Valve Handwheel Tool Easy removal and installation of valve handwheel nuts Fits most manufacturer's valves P/N TL113 ..
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