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Brand: AMSCUD Model: 994753
KV-23 Thermo by AmScuD Din/Yoke Valve Pro 3500 PSI EANX AmScuD’s Valves are designed and manufactured for long life and heavy use. The Thermo by AmScuD Pro Valve is no exception. Valve is made of marine grade brass with triple bright chrome plating for long life protection in salt water. Pr..
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Brand: AMSCUD Model: MSP-2
Terbuat dari 100% Timah. Timah ini dibuat disesuaikan dengan pinggang agar tidak sakit apabila terkena kulit langsung. Digunakan lebih dari 10 tahun di Indonesia dan sudah terbukti kuat. Silahkan bandingkan kualitas dan design pemberat kami dengan merek lain. Harga mungkin sama, namun detil penge..
AmScuD Diving Cut Tool SS COBRA POINT 26.5cm
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Brand: AMSCUD Model: 998810
AmScuD’s New Cobra Knife is a large modern knife with futuristic design. The strong Japanese 420-stainless steel blade is tough and durable assuring years of reliable use. The Cobra Knife has a drop-point or blunt tip design with a complete straight edge blade on one side and a partial separat..
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The Tech 2 Kit includes: - Nanight Tech head, battery canister and cable - High quality rechargeable Panasonic Li-ion battery - Protective case - 10° lens included (35° is available as optional purchase) - 100°-120° beam without lens - Charger - Charge..
User Manual The Sport 2 Kit includes:- Nanight Sport 2- Charger- Charge Port 2.0 with overpressure valve (optional purchase)- 10° lens included (35° available as optional purchase)- 100°-120° beam without lens- Wrist strap- Lantern handle- Soft goodman handle..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 998695
You just set up your equipment for the first dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere as you’re camming your weight belt buckle in place your buckle breaks! The worst thing that can happen on a tropical vacation has just happen no weight belt! Don’t leave on a vacation without a spare we..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 996340
AmScuD Pointer With Handle Grip SS 996340 This AmScuD Pointer With Handle Grip SS 996340 is a great multi-use accessory to add to your dive gear whether you are a recreational diver or a professional diver. This AmScuD Pointer With Handle Grip SS 996340 is 36.7 long enabling you to easily and safe..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/5419
AMSCUD was the first dive company to provide divers with a series of hangers designed specifically for diving equipment. The hangers had to be non-corroding, non-staining, sunlight resistant and strong enough to support the weight of wet dive equipment while remaining reasonably priced. The inspirat..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/30362
Thanks to a New Technology created in Dental Industry, it is now possible to have a Custom Fit Mouthpiece. Simply Immerse the AMSCUD Mouthpiece in Boiling Water for a few seconds, Bite Down for a Personalized Mouthpiece Fit and welcome to more Comfortable and Relaxing Dives. AMSCUD Mouthpiece can be..
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