AmScuD Strap + Buckle For Goggles Seashell OSP-1

AmScuD Strap + Buckle For Goggles Seashell OSP-1

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One of the most important items to remember to include in your save-a-dive-kit is a spare Goggle strap. You are fully suited up and are ready to put your goggle on to start your swim and your goggle strap breaks! Always have a spare in your save-a-swim-kit. Don’t let a broken strap ruin your day of swimming. Keep one or two spare straps in your swim bag the swim you save may be your own.

This AMSCUD silicone rubber goggle strap are design for goggles seashell OSP-1. Goggle strap is wide split strap design with extended rubber tabs on each end to secure strap in buckle mechanism for positive retention. Strap is available in black, Easy to install, don’t let a bad goggle strap be the causes of an aborted swim, always carry a spare!

AmScuD Strap + Buckle For Goggles Seashell OSP-1 990918 Features

  • AMSCUD Mask Strap:
  • Replacement goggle Strap
  • Durable Silicone Rubber
  • Fit for Goggle OSP-1
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel
  • Wide Split Strap Design
  • Extended Rubber Tabs Secure-Strap in Buckle Mechanism for Positive Retention
  • Available in Black
  • Easy to Install
  • Always Carry a Spare!
  • Great Save-A-Swim-Kit Item