i.DIVE Pemberat Diving/Pemberat Selam (Lead Weight) 1kg/2lbs 999673

i.DIVE Pemberat Diving/Pemberat Selam (Lead Weight) 1kg/2lbs 999673

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Terbuat dari 100% Timah. Timah ini dibuat disesuaikan dengan pinggang agar tidak sakit apabila terkena kulit langsung. Digunakan lebih dari 10 tahun di Indonesia dan sudah terbukti kuat.

Silahkan bandingkan kualitas dan design pemberat kami dengan merek lain. Harga mungkin sama, namun detil pengerjaan (tidak tajam, seluruh corner bulat) hanya dimiliki oleh pemberat kami.
Timah 100% sesuai berat yang tertulis (tidak banci).

i.DIVE uncoated lead dive weights are die-casted from lead that has been reclaimed from car batteries. However, lead in its raw form does not meet the standard for i.DIVE dive weights, so they add other elements like antimony and tin to derive the alloy required for proper hardness and appearance. Using immense pressure, the molten lead alloy is injected into multi-cavity molds. This process provides the best quality, most consistent weights in the industry.

These traditional weights, are i.DIVE most economical weigh and come in 3 sizes, Weights are lace-thru-style for added comfort. The comfortable curved inner shape surface fits around you. All sizes use the same inside-radius for conformity. All corners and edges are round and won’t bind or damage exposure suits. Belt webbing paths are recessed into the weight, on both front and back for added comfort. Heavy-duty gear for lifetime of use. Antimony, tin alloy resists deforming and are six times harder than plain lead. Wide belt slots and strong, thick cross section prevents the clamping of weights onto your belt when dropped. 

i.DIVE Uncoated Lace-Thru-Style Weights Features

  • i.DIVE Uncoated Lace-Thru-Style Weights
  • Die Cast On-Location at i.DIVE
  • Accurate & True Weights
  • Rounded & Contoured for Comfort
  • Hardened with Antimony & Tin, Six-Times Harder than Plain Lead
  • Years and Years of Service
  • Accurate & True Weights: Precision Made-Weight Tolerance is -0 to +0.25 lbs. (7 g)
  • Economical Weight in 3 Sizes
  • Comfortable Shape-Curved Inner Surface
  • Corners and Edges are Round
  • Belt Webbing Recessed into Weight, Front-and-Back for Added Comfort
  • Wide Belt Slots & Strong, Thick Cross-Section
  • Design: Prevents Clamping of Weights onto Belt when Dropped