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Make way for AmScuD newest Fundamental Buoyancy Compensator, The ZAP{PIX}.
Designed for Recreational-Use and Travel, this BC is Versatile and Lightweight. The AmScuD Zappix is made from the Durable 500 Cordura material and Nylon 420. This will translate into a Tough-and-Abrasion-Resistant product. Why do we use Nylon?

Upon our inspections of many rental BCD, the main reasons of failing BCDs are:
1. Inflator
2. Stitching
3. Material

INFLATOR -- We took our time to study and learn about inflators from various brands of BCDs in the market. We also studied on what parts might fail first considering that inflator is something that has moving parts. So, we took all the good juices and further improved our inflator designs.
Utilizing a Wraparound Jacket design, this BC is perfect for divers of All-Skill-Level. Raptor is equipped with AmScuD Durable Tilt Valve Power Inflator and O.P.E.V. Dump Valve which is located on the Lower-Right-Hand-Side.

STITCHING AND MATERIALS -- These two things relate to each other. It took us so many years to learn that most brands using only the most reliable materials such as Cordura 1000. It is true that Cordura 1000 is very very reliable. However, Cordura 1000 material doesnt work well with stitching. As hard as the material itself, sticthing on a Cordura 1000 after a certain period of time, will result into a failing stitches.

AmScuD Ultimate Stabilizing Harness (USH) completely eliminates tank roll and delivers an amazing fit. The USH securely holds the air cylinder in place with optimally placed rails and brings the tank closer to the body increasing tank control while reducing weight. The Ritetite Buckle is a 2-Position Cam Strap for Quick-and-Easy Adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more Control-and-Stability. This feature is part of all AmScuD BCJ's.

Torso-Adjustable Shoulder Straps provide Excellent Comfort and Adjustable Waist Strap with Cummerbund provides precise Adjustment of Harness. All Straps are equipped with Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles for Easy Donning and Doffing. The BC has 4-Resin Plastic D-Rings for attachment of Accessory Items. BC comes with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose.


  • Tough-and-Abrasion-Resistant
  • Wraparound Jacket Design
  • Perfect for Divers of All-Skill-Level
  • AmScuD Durable Tilt Valve Power Inflator and O.P.E.V. Dump Valve
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Torso-Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Waist Strap with Cummerbund
  • All Straps with Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Rite-Tite Buckle: 2-Position Cam Strap for Quick-and-Easy Adjustment
  • Ultimate Stabilizing Harness (U.S.H.)
    Eliminates Tank-Roll 
    Delivers an Amazing Fit 
    Securely-Holds Cylinder in Place with Optimally-Placed Rails 
    Brings Tank-Closer to Body, Increasing Tank Control

  • 2 Zippered Pockets 
  • 4-Resin D-Rings
  • 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Inflator Hose
  • Intregated weight pocket