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Oxygen compatible lubricant
Convenient syringe applicator
Two ounces of lubrican
Meets the specification ments and has been qualified under Military Specification MIL-PRF-27617F Types I, II and III. Has been adopted as the preferred oxygen compatible or enriched air (Nitrox) lubricant by most breathing apparatus equipment manufacturers.
Has been tested and approved by NASA for use in liquid and gaseous oxygen (LOX/GOX) systems up to 10,000psi.
NSF H-1 lubricant (Food Grade approval for incidental )
Is recommended for use on static or dynamic seals in either open or closed circuit diving system.
Made In USA
CHRISTO-LUBE fully fluorinated lubricants are compatible with both liquid and gaseous oxygen (LOX/GOX) and exhibit unsurpassed lubricity even in the coldest environments. A little CHRISTO-LUBE goes a long way and therefore we recommend to use sparingly.

Air Force MIL-PRF-27617F Grease, Aircraft and Instrument, Fuel and Oxidizer Resistant
(This specification covers the ments of greases resistant to hydrocarbon fuel and liquid oxygen and for use as lubricants in aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and supporting equipment)

Meets the specification ments and has been qualified under Military Specification MIL-PRF-27617F, Types I, II and III. CHRISTO-LUBE MCG 111 is a chemically inert, oxygen compatible, wide operating temperature range perfluoropolyether grease which was developed for use in systems non-reactivity with harsh chemicals including strong acids and oxidizers, fuels and solvents is an important factor. Uses for CHRISTO-LUBE MCG 111 all types of life support systems, including open and closed circuit diving systems, aviation oxygen, hyperbaric chambers and medical gas regulators. Other uses instrumentation, pneumatic cylinders, electrical s and switches. Please refer to technical data sheet for typical performance properties.