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Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask
Available in 2 Sizes and Multiple Color Options
Integrated Balanced 2'nd Stage Regulator
Diver Adjustable Flow Control Knob
3/8" Threaded 31.5" (80cm) Low Pressure Hose
Patented Bellows Style Face Skirt
Molded from Premium Grade Silicone Rubber
Spring Profile and Large Sealing
2X Size & Spacing (30-45mm): Achieves Very Comfortable Fit & Ample Support
Spring Effect: Combination of Double S Section & Inner Support Ribs
Mask Floats Comfortably on Face
6 Strap Spider:
Directly Attached to Face Shield
Pressure Distributed Equally Along Mask Skirt
Holds Mask Firmly Position with Low Elasticity
Tips of Strap: Wider, Easier to Grasp while Wearing Neoprene Gloves
FRB II (fast rotating buckle): Allows Mask to be Donned & Doffed Quickly
Streamlined Visor:
Made of Transparent Polycarbonate
Wider and Sit Closer to Face than Previous FFM
Maximizes Visual Field, Particularly the Peripheral Area
Visible Light Transfer of Visor 92%
Astonishingly Clear View of Underwater World
Owner's Manual

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