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Canon's updated PowerShot G7X II takes what made the original G7X so appealing -- a compact form factor, large 1"-type sensor, and versatile 4.2x optical zoom lens -- and introduces a wide array of new features and improvements. While the 20.1-megapixel 1"-type CMOS sensor and 24-100mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens are the same, much has changed with the Mark II.

While generally similar in appearance, the Mark II includes numerous changes to the camera body design. There is now a small front grip on the camera. Absent on the G7X much to some users' dismay, the Mark II's new front grip is also rubberized for additional grip and comfort. A second change to the front of the camera is a redesigned front control ring, which now gives users the option to select between smooth or stepped rotation by using a small lever switch located near 4 o'clock position on the control ring.

Moving now to the back of the Canon G7X II, button layout is essentially identical, although some functions on the directional pad have changed. The 1,040K-dot screen can now tilt downward 45 degrees in addition to the 180 degrees of upward movement of its predecessor.

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The G7X II includes the same 4.2x optical zoom lens found in the original G7X (and also last year's Canon PowerShot G5X). The 24-100mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens with a 9-blade iris diaphragm and optical image stabilization can focus as close as 2 inches (5 centimeters) at 24mm and 1.3 feet (40 centimeters) at 100mm. The 1"-type 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor remains unchanged, although with new processing, image quality is said be improved, particularly at higher ISOs.

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The first Canon camera to feature the all-new DIGIC 7 image processor, the G7X Mark II includes a variety of performance improvements. In addition to improved noise performance throughout its ISO 125-12,800 sensitivity range, there is also much faster continuous shooting performance. The Mark II's top burst speed is now rated at 8 fps, up from 6.5 fps on the G7X in One Shot H continuous shooting mode, which locks focus at the first frame. But more importantly, RAW mode is now also rated at 8 fps, a huge improvement over the 1.2 frames per second continuous RAW shooting rate of its predecessor. In Servo H mode, this speed drops down to 5.4 fps, with continuous AF. Additionally, RAW images captured by the G7X II are now 14-bit, rather than the 12-bit RAW files captured by the G7X. This brings the G7X II in line with the G3X, G5X, and G9X PowerShot cameras.

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Autofocus performance is said to have been improved as well, particularly with regards to low contrast scenes and subject tracking. A new panning feature has been added as well, allowing users to photograph a moving subject with locked-on autofocus and automatic shutter speed adjustments to create motion blur in the background. Depending on the direction you're panning, the camera's Intelligent Image Stabilizer (IS) will automatically turn on or off.

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Primary video features remain unchanged, however, with the Canon G7X II capturing 1080p video at up to 60 fps in MP4 format with stereo sound. Not all is the same, though, as the camera includes a new time-lapse movie feature. Capturing images at preset intervals, the camera automatically combines them into a short time-lapse movie clip.

Its new processor also affords the G7X II the ability to process RAW files in-camera, making it the first PowerShot camera to include this feature. A new Picture Style function from the EOS camera line also makes its way to the G7X II, granting users the ability to control color, contrast, and sharpness in camera.

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With the G7X II's dedicated Wi-Fi button, you'll be able to easily share these images using the camera's built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and companion smartphone app (for iOS/Android). You'll also be able to shoot for longer too as battery life has been improved from 210 shots to 265 shots (355 shots using ECO Mode), using the same NB-13L battery pack. And the Mark II now supports in-camera charging via USB even though it ships with a dedicated charger, however a USB cable is not included in the bundle.

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 Transparent hard plastic material and waterproof, clear view the camera information and control function
 SURE-LOCK™ O-ring sealed with spring-loaded mechanism
✫ WET-ALERT™ sensor to detect mouisture dan humidity inside casing. Get an early warning upon humidity in the chamber of the unit. Our WET-ALERT™ sensor will emmit alarm once it detects any even a little humidity inside the chamber. Alarm will be heard clearly underwater or outside water.
✫ 1/4"tripod screw on the bottom for universal mounting
✫ Material: Polycarbonate, Abs plastic,clear plate glass,Stainless steel,EPDM rubber
✫ Individual customized key to ensure 100% function of each button on G7X Mark II camera.
✫ Temperature: —10~40°C
✫ Water resistant up to: 40 meters (130 ft)

ALWAYS test housing without the camera first before you put the camera into the case and dive.
Immerse in water for 10 minutes of minimum 20cm depth. Please note if WET-ALERT™ alarm is trigerred.

Maintainance instructions
- Use running fresh water to clean off housing after each dive.
- Screens are made of plastic. Use only soft fabric to clean off.
- Seawater will lead to corrosion metal parts equipment. Use silicone grease to maintain metallic part.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Waterproof Case for Canon G7X MARK II
  • 1x Neck Strip
  • 1x Wrist Rope
  • 1x O-ring Gasket
  • 1x Use Manual
Karena housing kamera adalah sebuah alat yang sangat sensitif terhadap kotoran atau debu, berikut term pembelian housing di AlatSelam.Com:
- Semua housing TIDAK ada garansi kebocoran.
- Semua housing telah melewati QC anti kebocoran di pabrik (40 meter selama 10 menit). Kami menyediakan jasa test chamber namun hanya untuk casing kamera kecil yang masuk ke chamber kami
- Tidak ada garansi atau kewajiban menggantikan kamera apabila terjadi kebocoran.
- TIPS: Jangan buka/tutup casing ketika tangan anda basah apalagi di daerah pasir. Keluarkan/masukkan kamera ke dalam case hanya dalam keadaan kering dan bersih. Sehelai rambut/sebutir pasir bisa mengakibatkan kebocoran casing dan kerusakan kamera.

- TIPS: Lubrikasi o-ring gunakan silicone grease ketika casing tidak digunakan dalam waktu yang lama.
- TIPS: Selalu ganti o-ring utama apabila casing tidak digunakan dalam waktu yang lama.