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Designed for comfort and clarity in the water

The new Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Mirror goggle utilises a super soft flexible seal to offer the ultimate in goggle comfort. Designed using gel-like materials and featuring Speedo Biofuse® technology, this goggle makes your comfort top priority, resulting in an even softer and more cushioned fit around the eye. Complete with mirrored lenses to reduce brightness and glare, the Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Mirror is perfect for racing and outdoor swimming.
Features & Benefits

New super soft flexible seals offer greater flexibility for an even softer and more cushioned fit
Mirror lenses minimise brightness and glare from the water, ideal for racing and outdoor swimming
Featuring Speedo Biofuse® technology for cushioned comfort every time you swim
Flexible frame adapts to the contours of your face for an individual fit
Strong internal frame is wrapped in a soft gel-like skin, ensuring stability on your face
Wide vision lenses for enhanced peripheral vision