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Fin Open Heel Mares AVANTI PURE.

The Mares Avanti Pure Fins have been designed to be shorter, making them ideal for travel scuba diving and snorkelling. The new bungee strap means they can be barefoot or with fin socks for a little extra warmth or comfort.

The fins use a bi-material design that allows the fin and blade to shape as you kick for optimal performance and efficiency. The flexible black panels create a channel that catches and forces the water down the length of the blade whilst the more rigid coloured panels provide structure and reinforcement that prevents the blade from deforming.

The bungee strap and heel pad make the fin really comfortable to wear as well as allowing the fins to be put on and taken off easily. The elasticity in the bungee strap allows the fins to span a number of foot sizes and eliminates the need to adjust the straps for tightness.

The shorter length blades mean they are easier to pack for travelling, both in your plane luggage and also in a backpack for day trips.


  • A 2-Material, Open Heel Fin
  • Can Be Used Barefoot Or With Mares Pure Booties
  • Soft And Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Ergonomic Heel Pad (Patent Pending) Minimizes Pressure On The Achilles’ Heel
  • Special Bungee Strap For Maximum Comfort During Use, When Donning And Doffing
  • Bungee Guides So The Strap Is Always Placed In The Right Position
  • Soft, comfortable footpocket
  • Bungee guides to avoid footpocket pivoting
  • Ergonomic heel pad
  • Interchangeable bungee strap
  • Color Available = White , Blue , Yellow
  • Size Available = S/M , M/L , L/XL  

    The Mares Equator Coral Dive Shoes are standard and perfect for traveling. This ankle boot is 2mm thick and designed to be comfortable, flexible and durable. The design is an ideal foot boot for travel as it can be packed easily. The rubber grip on the bottom of the boot adds extra grip and ensures you can trust it when you’re walking on reefs and beaches.


    – Durable. The 2mm neoprene is also very durable when you dive.
    – Shoe Ankle lighter design for easy movement.
    – Ideal for Travel The smaller design makes these boots easy to carry and travel around, making them a great choice for holidays.
    – Extra Grip The sole of the boot features a rubber grip to offer extra support when you need it most and prevent slipping.


  • Size 5 – 36/37 – 23cm
  • Size 6 – 38 – 24cm
  • Size 7 – 39/40 – 25cm
  • Size 8 – 40/41 – 26cm
  • Size 9 – 41/42 – 27cm
  • Size 10 – 43 – 28cm
  • Size 11 – 44/45 – 29cm
  • Size 12 – 45/46
  • Size 13 – 47