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Coming as part of the Mares Cruise Dry T range, the T35 is the largest of the set. Offering 35 L of capacity, the T35 has more than enough room for all of your dive extras such as change of clothes, phone, documents or any other accessories. Completely waterproof, the bag comes with a quick closure system and is comprised of sturdy 500D tarpaulin to make sure that no water gets in or out.

Ideal for a wide variety of watersports and outdoor activities, the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry in a hurry. To add to this the T35 only weighs 0.4 kg when empty, making it extremely lightweight. Part of the Mares Cruise Dry T set, this range comes in four different sizes which are defined by colour, this grey bag is the largest of the set.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight Weighing only 0.4 kg when empty, the T35 is extremely lightweight and means that it doesn’t add any extra weight to what you are already carrying.
  • Durable Comprised of durable 500D tarpaulin, this bag works to make sure that it is always there to protect its contents at all times even during tricky conditions.
  • Easy to Carry Coming with an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is extremely easy to carry and can be picked up and thrown over your shoulder in a hurry.
  • 100% Waterproof The 500D tarpaulin makes sure that no water can get in or out of the bag while it also comes with a quick closure system designed for speed which makes the bag watertight.
  • Great Storage Offering 35 L of capacity, this bag gives a great amount of storage for a dry bag and is perfect for all of your extra dive gear, change of clothes or other essentials or gadgets.

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