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AMSCUD Ballistic Open Heel Fins:
So Fast and Responsive they're Scary
Vented Open Heel Fins
Precision Blend of Hydrodynamics and Materials Technology
Ultimate Comfort, Efficiency and Performance
Composite Material: Blend of Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and Polypropylene
Flexible Power Thrust Channels & Side Rails
Channels and Side Rails Work in Concert
Together they Direct Water Flow Off Tip of Blade
Blade Design Provides Uncompromising Power and Efficiency
Blade Power Vents Reduce Stress while Accelerating Water Over the Blade
Oversized Blade Design for Increased Thrust and Propulsion
Ideal for All Diving and Snorkeling Skill Levels
Generous, Yet Streamlined Foot Pocket Fits Wide Range of Boot Styles
Foot Pocket Design Significantly Reduce Drag
Easy to Don and Doff
Quick-Adjust Straps with Squeeze Style" Quick-Release Buckles
Large Pull-Tab Holes in Straps for Grip
Pull-Tab Holes Great for Hanging Fins for Drying and Storage
Great Travel Fin, Weight (Size Dependent): 3.15 to 4.0 lbs. (1.43 to 1.81 kg)

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