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Giving you Scuba cylinder assembly the proper care it deserves includes protecting the valve. This vinyl protective cover for scuba cylinder valves fits standard yoke scuba cylinder valves, not DIN scuba valves. The cover helps prevent impact damage to valves. Helps keep dust, dirt, and water out of scuba valves while preventing loss of o-ring. Valve cover is useful for identifying cylinders and is also the standard to let boat and dive operators know if your cylinder is full or empty. Place cap over valve when full and leave off when you need a gas fill. The cover is available in multiple colors and comes with black nylon string, unattached.

Tank Yoke Style Valve Cover Features

  • Tank Yoke Style Valve Cover
  • Provides Proper Valve Care
  • Durable Vinyl Protective Cover
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Helps Prevent Impact Damage to Valve
  • Keep Dust, Dirt, and Water Out of Valve
  • Helps Prevent O-Ring Loss
  • Useful for Identifying Cylinders
  • Industry Standard:
    Leave Off: Need Fill
    Put On: Don't Need Fill
    Alert Boat and Dive Operators if Fill is Need or Not
  • Nylon Cord for Valve Attachment (not include)