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Coltri's ERGO Asia line of breathing air compressors are among the world's best known and sold. All models are equipped with two connections for high pressure hoses (from 232 to 330 bar), a electric motor or combustion engine, robust pumping units and a compact frame with lifting bars, suitable for transport. External refilling panels and an electrical display are available as optional extras, with various automatic features including automatic condensate drainage and an autostop pressure gauge.

The diesel driven breathable air compressor is ideal for intensive professional use and at the same time excellent to move around. It is equipped with 2 connections for high pressure hoses (from 232 to 330 bar), a Yanmar diesel engine and the robust pumping unit .This compressor is particularly suitable for diving centres, paintball fields and undersea construction companies which need to change site frequently, yet also need excellent performance and fast filling times. The robust frame provides excellent protection for the equipment.

Upgrade to Stainless Steel frame: Add RM1,943.00

Upgrade to Tropical Plus Superdry (TPS) filter + oil filter system: Add RM5,890

Charging rate: 315 L/min / 18.9 m³/h / 11.1 CFM FAD
Filling time cylinder (10L - 0-200 bars): 6:20 mins (+/- 5%)
Working pressure: 232 bars or 330 bars

Driven by: Yanmar L100 Diesel Engine
Dry weight: 149 KG

Noise LwA: 95.6bB

Number of stages and cylinders: 3

Lubricating oil capacity: 1.8L

Lubricant: Coltri Fully Synthetic Compressor Oil CE 750

Frame: Powder coated steel

Condensate separator: After last stage 

Filtration: Maxifilter - A refillable filter cartridge with activated carbon and molecular sieve

Safety valve: On the separator housing in options of 232, 300, 330 Bars

Interstage coolers and after coolers: Stainless steel

Suction filter: 2 micron filter (paper type)

Breathing air: EN 12021 / CGA E
Filling hose provided: x2 units 1.0m high-pressure hose
Filling valve provided: x2 units DIN type filling valve + DIN-YOKE adaptor

*Specifications shown here is accurate at time of publishing but may change from time to time. Please check with us for updates.