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A safe and dependable filter technology, such as Bauer's TRIPLEX® filter system, protects the diver against inhaling noxious fumes and regulator freeze up. Air quality conforms to DIN EN 12021 standard.

1.Untreated compressed air is channeled into the filter housing.
2.The compressed air is injected as to produce a rotating motion. Centrifugal force removes the residual air and oil particles by hurling them against the container wall. The condensate is collected in the container and is drained in regular intervals.
3.The molecular sieve removes water vapour from the compressed air.
4.The activated carbon filter removes residual oil and other contamination.
5.Microfilters retain even the tiniest solid contaminants.
6.Clean and dry air leaves the filter system.

Bisa digunakan pada Kompressor:

- Bauer Junior
- Bauer Poseidon 100,200,250,300
- Bauer Mariner 200 --> Mohon advise kami housing filter (kirim foto) untuk konfirmasi apakah filter dapat digunakan
- Komba B100,B200,B250,B300 dan B320