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Brand: AMSCUD Model: 994851
If you work on dive gear you know the importance of having the correct O-rings. Many of the O-rings used on cylinders, valves and regulator hoses are pretty much generic. Having a large selection of common O-rings is a must for the serious repair technician.All Innovative shop AmScuD O-ring kits now..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/4842
Do you want to run 7 filling valve from one Compressor? AmScuD HP  Hose Splitter can make this happen. This durable corrosion resistant Allumunium Bar HP hose splitter allows you to route 7 filling valve high pressure hoses from one HP Compresor. Whatever 1/4″ threaded hose configuration ..
Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/4992
When you need to empty a cylinder for visual inspections, transporting for travel or when valve maintenance is required you need a tank muffler. Tired of the overbearingly loud and high-pitched sounds of draining a Scuba tank? The sound of a draining Scuba cylinder can cause hearing damage if not do..
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Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/4741
AmScuD Left Side Mount Valve 994741 AmScuD’s valves are designed and manufactured for long life and heavy use. The Thermo by AmScuD Modular DIN Valve is no exception. Valve is made of marine grade brass with triple bright chrome plating for long life protection in salt water. Precision machin..
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Brand: AMSCUD Model: 99/4999
Take the easy way to check the pressure in your yoke style tank! Tired of mounting your complete regulator on your cylinder to check tank pressure? This Chrome-plated, solid-brass pressure gauge includes 5,000 psi (350 bars) range gauge, Chrome plated marine grade brass high pressure yoke fitting an..
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