AmScuD Rubber Weight Belt with Quick-Release Buckle

AmScuD Rubber Weight Belt with Quick-Release Buckle

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You like the independent use of a weight belt, but when you get to depth you have to re-adjust your belt, so it won’t slip-off. Eliminate the loosening of your weight belt due to exposure suit compression with AmScuD’s Rubber Weight Belt. Belt can be stretched tight at the surface and will compress reducing its circumference around your waist as you descend; this eliminates the loosening effect due to exposure suit compression. Belt will re-expand upon ascent, remaining comfortable and secure throughout the dive.

Rubber belt with standard stainless-steel quick release cam buckle has the buckle securely riveted to the belt. The belt is manufactured with heavy-duty natural rubber. The belt measures 55″ (139.7cm) in length and is 0.25″ (0.6cm) thick. Belt is especially advantages for free-diving or spear fishing.

AmScuD Rubber Weight Belt with Quick-Release Buckle Features

  • AmScuD Rubber Weight Belt with Quick-Release Buckle:
  • Depth-Compensating High Stretch Material
  • Heavy-Duty Natural Rubber Belt
  • Stainless Steel Quick-Release Cam Buckle
  • Permanent Rivet Attachment of Buckle for Strength & Security
  • Overall Length: 55″ (139.7cm)
  • Thickness: 0.25″ (6mm)
  • Excepts All Style Weights
  • Stretched-Tight-At-Surface for Depth Compensation
  • Weight Belt Re-Expands On-Ascent
  • Comfortable Design
  • Great for Free-Diving or Spear Fishing