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Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: VX2PVD34NVI
XS Scuba PVD Pro Valve 3442psi XS Scuba’s Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Finish Pro Valve has the same type of long lasting finish you find on expensive faucets, high-end door lock sets and premium watches. PVD is not only a beautiful finish, but is also extremely durable. Before assembly th..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: TL114
No Bump Tie Wraps – 100pcs TL114..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: TL112
BC Washout Hose Wash the inside of your buoyancy compensator to remove the build up of salt crystals and foreign deposits. Fits hose mount inflators and also bladder mounted inflators with standard male QD nipple Fill about half way with fresh water to fully rinse inside Give the B..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: WA10
XS SCUBA Ankle Weight Assy – 1.0lb set WA10 Ankle Weights Filled with hardened #5 round shot RynoHyde neoprene cover for durability Adjustable nylon strap High quality quick-release Nexus buckles Perfect for adjusting your trim Sold in pairs   ..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: HL404-DLX
XS SCUBA Highland Deluxe Inline Shuf Off-Low HL404-DLX Install between standard regulator hose and second stage Slide machined Delrin collar to shut off gas flow Commonly used with deco rigs, stage bottles & drysuit inflation Prevent critical gas loss 9/16”-18 UNF ..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: AC998
First Stage Quick Disconnect Quick and convenient way to change hose lengths between dives Installs between 1st stage and LP regulator hose Lock-down screw to prevent accidental disconnection Flow rate = 800 lpm Low-pressure use only – below 200 psi  ..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: AC913
XS Scuba Swivel LP Port Adapter, 1 to 3 Ports Do you need more low-pressure ports on your Scuba regulator? XS Scuba’s Swivel LP Port Adapter lets you connect from 1 to 3 hoses from one low-pressure port of your first stage regulator. Adapter has (1) 3/8-24 male inlet to (3) 3/8-24 female outl..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: AC390
XS SCUBA PAINTBALL TRANSFILLER AC390 Allows filling of a paintball cylinder from a scuba cylinder Attach to K and DIN scuba valves Components: Twist Bleed Screw (p/n AC361) Stainless steel bleed screw Positive seal PDVF seat Easy replacement bleeder screw Com..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: AC155
Easy Gripper Make your QD coupler easier to operate Helps when wearing thick gloves Wide, easy to grip collar Flat side to prevent clearance issues Fits over most standard quick-disconnect hose ends Not for use on XS Scuba’s Easy Grip Wide Collar QD Hoses ..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: AC-368
XS Scuba Tank Muffler When you need to empty a cylinder for visual inspections, transporting for travel or when valve maintenance is required you need a tank muffler. Tired of the overbearingly loud and high-pitched sounds of draining a Scuba tank? The sound of a draining Scuba cylinder can cause..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: TL-121
• Adjust the low pressure orifice while the second stage is pressurized • Two drives allowing compatibility with nearly all second stages • Reversible, one end with with a 0.32” slotted drive and the other with a tapered 5mm hex drive • Low pressure gauge included for display of the intermediate ..
Brand: XS-SCUBA Model: TL-127
XS Scuba Star Tool - Stainless Steel: Remove and Replace the Most Common Scuba Hoses Wrenches: 1/2", 9/16", 5/8"& 11/16" Hex Wrenches: Most Common 5/32", 3/16"& 1/4"..
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